About me


Hi, Myself Sneha. I Always Has An Keen Interest About Trying  And Experimenting New Things One Of Which Is So Obvious And  That’s Food .I Like to Try Different Cuisines Around The World .

According to Me Good Food Is the Foundation for Genuine Happiness and If the Person is Happy Inside Then only He can be Happy Outside as Food Brings Happiness. There Are Varieties Of Food having Different Tastes, ingredient’s, flavor’s, Spices In it. And  Each one of it plays a Vital Role in making  a Food Good.

Food is An Eloquent Way to Communicate when Don’t Know Each other’s Language Food Brings people together Unity in Diversity .Our Aim is To offer Simple ,Fresh, Good Food.

Food Is Not the Commodity, Food is Life

I Love Running ,Cooking ,Curling up  with a Good Book! Here You’ll Find Simple and Delicious .Recipes that You Can Explore/ Make in 30 Minutes or Less.